165: Beyond Financial Freedom with Brad Chandler

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
165: Beyond Financial Freedom with Brad Chandler

For today’s episode, we have Brad Chandler. We talk to him about his life journey and the important lessons he learned. When he was in the 9th grade, Brad read a book about buying real estate and has been passionate about it ever since.

His passion led him to success. He tried to prove his worthiness through financial success but once he got there, he realized he still wasn’t happy. This set him on a path to finding true happiness and freedom that’s beyond profits and money.

On the business side, Brad is the Co-founder and CEO of Express Homebuyers, a fast-growing and technologically advanced real estate investment company that purchases, renovates, and resells homes. Express Homebuyers is built on the pillars of perseverance, continuous improvement, fairness, confidence, and work-life balance.

On the personal side, Brad is on a mission to transform others’ lives to create the happiness and freedom they deserve. He shares important life events that taught him the value of creating a greater impact in people’s lives over financial success. Tune in to find out how to attain financial and personal success!


00:23 – Guest Intro: Brad Chandler

00:54 – Brad’s life journey

02:33 – 4,000 houses later

04:18 – The five mistakes

05:10 – What’s Brad doing now?

06:37 – Trying to do a lot less risk

08:32 – What drives you?

10:51 – Giving back

11:50 – Help people find freedom and happiness

13:58 – Will prices continue to soften?

18:48 – How would you like to make a difference? 

19:47 – The personal side

21:00 – How do you impact the subconscious mind?

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Website: https://www.bradchandler.com/


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lbradchandler/


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