069: How Small Businesses and Large Companies Use Virtual Assistants with Robert Nickell

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
069: How Small Businesses and Large Companies Use Virtual Assistants with Robert Nickell

Welcome to The Big Mike Fund Podcast. Today it is my pleasure to have Robert Nickell here on the show with me. Rob is another brother from the Collective Genius Mastermind. He’s also known as the “Master Blaster of the Virtual Assistants.” While he is an expert in virtual staffing, it was his career in real estate that got him there.

Today we’re talking about virtual staffing and virtual assistants, productivity, documenting processes, and Rob’s business, Rocket Station. Rob talks about how small businesses and large companies use virtual assistants and what sorts of things virtual assistants do.

Minute Markers:

00:20 – Welcome

01:00 – A little bit about Robert Nickell

03:20 – Living in a modern world/the need for virtual assistants

11:00 – VA work is scripted work

12:35 – VA productivity with small companies

14:00 – Documenting processes

20:30 – Staffing at VA Services

25:15 – Near-shoring and Out-shoring (outsourcing)

28:40 – The best way to reach Rob

30:38 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


“It’s so easy now, for everything to be interconnected, whether you’re a small business with just a couple of people working in the day-to-day or you’re a publicly traded company. We all operate very similarly today.” – Robert Nickell

“Most companies, they hire people, you sit next to a colleague, you just kinda watch people, you absorb through osmosis I call it, through just, kind of, working in there. After 2, 3, 4 months, you’ve been around it enough and watched enough that you get it. Even big companies don’t do a good job documenting processes.” – Robert Nickell

“For us it starts with that system mapping, that process documentation. That creates the road map.” – Robert Nickell

“We leverage things like cultural index and other profiling resources that are a big investment for our company but our clients are ultimately the ones that get to benefit from that.” – Robert Nickell

“80% to 90% of the real estate business can be outsourced, whether that’s somebody locally, in your market, or overseas. It’s really easy to take marketing transaction coordination, disposition management, all the day-to-day admin, bookkeeping and accounting, reconciliation (month over month), there’s not really anything in real estate that can’t be done.” – Robert Nickell


Rocket Station Website

Greg’s email address: Brooks@rocketstation.com

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