010: The Benefits of Self Banking

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
010: The Benefits of Self Banking

My guest today is Gary Pinkerton, a wealth strategist at Paradigm Life. Gary has a fascinating personal history as a former military submarine captain. He transitioned into real estate as a civilian career. Gary and I discuss his path to wealth strategy. We also explore Gary’s specialty in infinite banking, which is a self-banking investment strategy.

Gary explains self-banking and outlines the benefits of using an insurance policy as a revenue source. We discuss the multiple uses for the money and how investors can take control of their liquidity.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:30 — Welcome Gary Pinkerton to the podcast.

01:03 — Gary’s former military experience.

03:07 — How Gary transitioned into civilian life.

05:06 — How Gary got involved with Paradigm Life.

06:30 — Gary’s observations of his differences from other veterans.

07:23 — The level in which Gary’s family is involved in his real estate business.

07:44 — How can life insurance be used as a self-banking vehicle?

08:20 — How life insurance protects wealth.

11:15 — The typical interest rates Gary has within his deals.

11:53 — The benefits of self-banking.

12:53 — Is the interest rate deductible?

15:22 — The differences between paying a lump sum into a policy versus paying into a policy over 20 years.

18:10 — The tax issues that come up with insurance policies.

20:06 — Paradigm Life’s goals for their clients.

21:34 — Why insurance policies include fees.

24:16 — The costs associated with one of Gary’s policies.

26:11 — How Gary structures his policies to help clients maintain their policy.

26:57 — Should you purchase life insurance for kids as a passive income?

29:15 — How to contact Gary.

31:04 — Mike’s impression of Gary’s policy structure.

31:42 — The standard process an investor goes through to use their policy as a savings account.

34:19 — How Gary’s deal structure is better than a “no money down” structure.

35:20 — Gary’s final thoughts for the audience.

36:50 — Mike encourages people to invest in their own talents.

37:16 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


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Gary’s email

Gary Pinkerton’s website

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