008: The Value of Small Balance Real Estate Deals

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
008: The Value of Small Balance Real Estate Deals

My guest today is Darris Cassidy, the principal of Fairway America and the president of Fairway America Capital Markets Group. Fairway is an investment consulting firm that specializes in Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) deals. Darris and his team help investors find the right investments for their money. The team also assists with capital raising as well as the administrative aspect of the deal.

On today’s episode, I thank Darris for Fairway’s service to me and my company and we explore the value Fairway America gives all their clients. We discuss the difference between an SBRE and a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), taking time to point out that one can significantly benefit the other in the long run. There is a lot of opportunity for investors with SBRE funds and Darris will help my audience see the tremendous value of one of these deals.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:23 — Welcome Darris Cassidy to the podcast.

02:17 — What are Small Balance Real Estate funds?

03:43 — What Fairway America does for their clients.

04:49 — Mike’s praise of Fairway America and the service they provide.

05:30 — Darris’s role as compliance representative for Fairway America.

06:19 — Mike’s experience with Darris and his team.

08:14 — How Darris and his team help clients raise capital.

08:45 — The difference between a SBRE and a REIT.

10:08 — The various types of SBRE funds.

10:40 — The benefits of SBRE funds.

14:07 — Why smaller deals are more flexible.

14:55 — How SBREs create value for REITs.

18:15 — Forced appreciation is a strong catalyst for growth.

19:40 — How  Fairway finds good deals for their clients.

21:26 — A deal Mike took because of Darris’s team involvement.

22:38 — Is fund administration different for smaller funds?

24:29 — Things that slow down an accountant’s work and make SBRE a slower process.

26:01 — Why REITs are a faster process.

26:54 — Observations on the deal compression market.

29:49 — Observations on equity deals.

32:02 — Darris’s opinion on investors’ expectations.

33:51 — Mike’s obligatory cryptocurrency mention.

35:10 — How to contact Darris and his team.

36:00 — Thank you Darris Cassidy for joining us today.

36:17 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


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