113: Part 2: Predicting Economic Implications with Jeremy Roll

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
113: Part 2: Predicting Economic Implications with Jeremy Roll

Another high-level episode with Jeremy Roll. In this episode, we jump straight into the hot topic. This time Jeremy predicts the implications of this new IRA government proposal. He shares a deep insight into the economy, touching topics on the heavy tax code in California and the two sides of the post-covid Labor coin. Finally, he closes out with some solid ATM investment advice. You won’t want to miss this episode full of great wisdom from Jeremy.

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00:57 – Proposal to prohibit Self-directed IRAs

02:16 – This only helps the big banks

04:44 – A rock and a hard place

05:25 – The government is printing too much money

06:00 – Terrible consequences and how likely is it to pass?

08:48 – A dog and pony negotiation tactic

11:01 – Section 1202 IRS Tax Code

13:11 – The costs of heavy California tax

18:40 – Dilemma of the work-from-home pendulum

21:22 – Corporate powers dictate labor demand

23:44 – Labor Participation Rate is very low

24:45 – Jeremy’s ATM investment advice

We hope this was as educational to you as it was to us. We hope to invite Ryan again and other experts in economics, business strategy, and real estate. Stay tuned for more episodes! Join us and learn more at our website. www.tempofunding.com.