115: Stress Testing Your Wealth with Ryan Parson

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
115: Stress Testing Your Wealth with Ryan Parson

You heard it here first! “Don’t let the tax tail wag the wealth dog”, a Ryan Parson original. In this episode, Ryan joins one more to share his wealth of knowledge. There are many ways to navigate the changing tax environment but not only that, we have to be able to properly ‘stress test’ your investment plan. Ryan shares why pilots are particularly good at it. From wealth preservation to core values and quality questions we need to ask, there is so much to gain from this episode.

Join us as we navigate this changing tax world. Watch it now!  


00:29 Ryan Parson is back

01:40 The Black Swan Event

04:22 The great starting point of RIA

06:19 Family Wealth Preservation

12:12 Questions we need to ask 

14:07 It starts with family core values

15:51 Do you have clear goals?
19:29 Planning around tax changes

23:09 Don’t let the tax tail wag the ‘wealth dog’

26:13 Stress testing your plan

31:24 sunlightpeaks.com

We hope this was as educational to you as it was to us. We hope to invite Ryan again and other experts in economics and top-notch investment planning. Check out our website for more episodes www.tempofunding.com.