120: Powerful Habits: Linking, Adding, and Surfing Urges with Blaine Oelkers

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
120: Powerful Habits: Linking, Adding, and Surfing Urges with Blaine Oelkers

Today we are honored to be joined by the Top Chief Results of America himself, Blaine Oelkers. While it may sound that way, Blaine doesn’t talk about numbers and economics, like we usually do in this show, but instead, we are talking about habits. Why are habits so powerful? And what does the number one chief results officer do help others establish very important and powerful habits. He goes from adding habits by way of linking and surfing our urges, pushing off those rewards and habits before anything else. When eliminating the bad habits, Blaine shares all the basic techniques and tricks up his sleeve. From the common substitution to identifying triggers, buddying up, and how sometimes your why is all you could possibly need. There is power in the daily habits that we do, they shape and form our very lives. This is a reminder that we are ALL already masters of habits. It’s just a matter of mastering which ones we build with and ultimately, live by.


01:13 The American Chief Results Officer 
03:11 Why are habits so powerful?
06:28 The great lie: It does NOT take 21 days
06:43 The 21-second habit
08:35 We are already habit masters
10:50 Linking new habits to existing habits
12:16 The mind shower habit
13:20 Urge surfing and leverage
15:31 Pushing off things to form habits
16:47 NDP, the Next Day Planning
18:56 Surfing the urge and rewarding yourself
20:56 Ebb and flow of surfing urge waves
21:27 Linking and adding habits
24:08 Basics of eliminating bad habits
25:01 Sometimes a big enough WHY is all you need
26:37 Substitution habits
27:46 Minimize and reduce triggers
28:35 Identify and minimize the cues
29:16 Out of sight, out of mind
29:45 How can I do better next time?
30:05 Buddy-up with others of similar habits
30:18 Momentum and Don’t break the chain
30:49 Pleasure and pain both work
32:57 21secondhabit.com
33:17 BlaineTEDx.com

Thank you for joining us in another episode. We are committed to inviting more guests that give value to our real estate journey. Stay tuned for more episodes. To learn more, visit our website at www.tempofunding.com.


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