198: From Wildlife to Multifamily, Charity, and Profitable Opportunities with Maria Zondervan

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
198: From Wildlife to Multifamily, Charity, and Profitable Opportunities with Maria Zondervan

Get ready for an enlightening podcast episode as we embark on the extraordinary journey of Maria Zondervan. Maria Zondervan is an accomplished wildlife biologist, CEO, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. With a master’s degree, she became a Wildlife Biologist, working to protect endangered animals and their homes. She also ventured into real estate, building successful Massage Envy clinics with her husband, providing jobs for over 75 people and making millions in revenue.

After 26 years as a biologist, Maria shifted her focus to secure a stable future for her autistic son. She excels in investing in assets that stay strong even during tough times, like affordable housing and value-add apartments. Through her company, Blue Vikings Capital LLC, Maria helps investors earn steady annual returns of 12% or more.

Maria is also the Founder of Valhalla Villas, a non-profit that offers housing and independent living for adults with autism. She even lets others invest in these communities, especially helping parents who want to ensure their kids are financially secure.

In this enlightening episode, Maria passionately discusses her transition from the realm of wildlife biology to the dynamic realm of real estate. She offers insights into effective remote property management and opens up about her heartfelt initiatives with Valhalla Villas. The conversation delves into strategies for navigating market slowdowns and overcoming challenges posed by high insurance costs. With Maria’s guidance, listeners are treated to a wealth of knowledge, providing a roadmap for not only spotting promising real estate opportunities but also for making a positive impact in the process.

Tune in to this episode and gain invaluable insights from Maria Zondervan’s journey where compassion meets business acumen, and discover how her remarkable career and real estate prowess intertwine to create a truly impactful narrative!


00:23 – Guest Intro: Maria Zondervan

03:37 – Transition from wildlife biology to multifamily

05:59 – Managing properties remotely

07:26 – Charitable work with Valhalla Villas

13:19 – Opportunities in a market slow down and high insurance costs

16:45 – Finding deals and how to know if it’s a good one

20:33 – Other visible opportunities

24:19 – Outro

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