007: Why Chicago is a Great Real Estate Market

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
007: Why Chicago is a Great Real Estate Market

My guest today is Saul Zenkevicius (Saul Z. to those of us in the business.) Saul is a Chicago based realtor who has a one-stop shop for home ownership. His company Chicagoland Home Buyer handles appraising, mortgages, house flipping, and real estate brokering.

Saul and I discuss how he manages to run such a massive company and keep it all straight. We also explore the Chicago area real estate market. Saul shares some of the trends he is noticing in his city and the optimism that is emerging in the market. Chicago has a bright future!


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:22 — Welcome Saul Z. to the podcast!

00:35 — The current weather in Chicago.

00:54 — What Chicagoland Home Buyer does for their clients.

02:35 — The importance of being diversified in today’s market.

02:58 — How Saul and his team keep track of all their services.

04:50 — The popular property options in Chicago.

07:10 — The current real estate trends in the Chicago area.

09:54 — What the new tax changes will mean for real estate trends.

10:33 — The declining population of Illinois and how it is affecting the market.

11:55 — Why Chicago is a great market for real estate.

13:11 — The possible market trend Saul is noticing in the Chicago’s Southside.

17:39 — How re-gentrification as helped New York’s rougher neighborhoods.

18:11 — Saul’s long-term investments.

19:30 — The market boom of industrial storage facilities and the reasons behind it.

23:00 — How to contact Saul and Chicagoland Home Buyer.

23:55 — Saul’s book recommendation.

25:11 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


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