047: Going the Extra Mile: Portfolio and Investment Goals

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
047: Going the Extra Mile: Portfolio and Investment Goals

Today I’m talking to Ryan Parson who is out on the road on the Motorhome and Money Tour for Mile Marker Club. We’re chatting about what the Mile Marker Club is, how to invest your money, learning along the way, and about what you need to consider when you are investing for the first time.

Ryan is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the Mile Marker Club as well as its parent company, Heritage Capital USA. As well as providing its members with a larger pool of dollars with which to invest, attracting bigger, better deals and opportunities, the Mile Marker Club also provides its members with a curriculum of wealth education materials.

Minute Markers:

00:39 – Hi Ryan

00:56 – What’s new in the world of Ryan?

02:44 – Why Ryan started the Mile Marker Club

06:04 – What is the Mile Marker Club?

09:53 – Portfolio and Investment Goals

15:57 – The First Steps to Investments

16:52 – How the MMC Helps You Build Your Portfolio

20:00 – Continuously Learning

21:45 – Preach a lot of change, Change one thing at a time

22:06 – Mile Marker Symposium Event Review

22:42 – People need to learn together

22:57 – Are you investing to learn or learning to invest?

23:40 – “It’s lonely at the top.”

26:01 – Build the policy and constantly update

29:28 – Loss Reserves

30:29 – Infinite Return

33:06 – Common Equity

35:26 – When will you be done with the deal?

37:32 – Open-ended funds

37:57 – Final Thoughts and reaching out to Ryan

39:15 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


Ryan Parson, Heritage

Mile Marker Club

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