124: Getting to the Core of Cost Segregation with Terry Judge

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
124: Getting to the Core of Cost Segregation with Terry Judge

Helping people maximize this beautiful tax strategy is Terry Judge’s passion. He’s been doing it for 16 years and believes that a proper cost seg strategy built into a good investment fund is the number one way to build wealth. Cost segregation is all about taking advantage of one of the greatest benefits of real estate: Depreciation. The ability to deduct today and have years’ worth of appreciation without tax liability.  Cost segregation is a game-changer. It’s the type of strategy that you can use to salvage a real estate investment or turn a low-yield property into one that delivers high returns on investment. Terry shares even so much high-level detail in this episode. If you’re interested in the beauty of this powerful tax strategy you will love the wisdom of Terry Judge. So much so that if you’ve been thinking about claiming cost segregation this year, you won’t wait another moment after watching this. Take advantage of bonus depreciation and the great tax-saving opportunities cost segregation has to offer. Your financial future will thank you for it.


01:14 Terry and trying to get out of Detroit 

05:28 How does Cost Segregation work

07:12 Qualification from a legitimate cost seg firm 

08:15 In a nutshell: The time value of money

09:05 A cashflow play in today’s inflation

11:00 1250 vs 1245 real properties

12:59 Recapture at the ordinary rates

17:55 Secondary cost segregation; the piggyback study

21:26 The most powerful tax strategy in real estate

21:58 Don’t let your CPAs handle your cost seg

25:53 Cost seg for other asset classes

28:36 Self-storage and industrial

31:08 Office and shopping spaces  

33:26 How about mobile home parks 

36:08 Landscape of taxes and the borrowing deficit

37:48 Real estate, cost seg and building wealth

39:42 https://coresolutionsgroup.net/ 

37:05 Multifamily Insights Podcast

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