191: Building Success and Thriving Communities with Julian Castle

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191: Building Success and Thriving Communities with Julian Castle

Welcome to this episode featuring Julian Castle, an accomplished Real Estate Investor and the Managing Partner of A-List Capital & Real Estate Investors Group on Facebook. With an impressive following of 170k members and 70k followers on social media, Julian has become a prominent figure in the industry. His unwavering commitment to excellence extends to his roles as a business partner, family member, and friend. Fueled by boundless energy and a clear vision, Julian is passionate about guiding others towards their own path to success. Hailing from Bogota, Colombia, and now based in Miami, Julian’s real estate journey was shaped by his father’s influence, providing him with the opportunity to build a family portfolio while pursuing personal ventures. Currently, he is focused on strategically expanding his family’s remarkable $25M Commercial Real Estate portfolio.

Julian delves into the creation of the Real Estate Investor Group, the largest private real estate group on Facebook. With an astounding membership of 170,000 individuals, this community has become a thriving hub for like-minded investors seeking knowledge, networking, and opportunities in the real estate realm. Lean in as he shares the secrets of building valuable relationships within such a massive group, as well as share insights on how to effectively maintain engagement and foster a sense of community.

During the episode, Julian will also provide an intriguing comparison between platforms like Bigger Pockets and the Facebook real estate investment group, shedding light on their unique advantages and benefits. Furthermore, he will reveal how aspiring investors can join the Real Estate Investor Group and gain access to an incredible wealth of resources and connections. Tune in to this episode to gain exclusive knowledge from Julian Castle, a trailblazing real estate investor, and discover the power of community, engagement, and strategic networking in the world of real estate investment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s stars!


00:23 – Guest Intro: Julian Castle

01:21 – The largest private real estate group on Facebook

05:55 – Building relationships in a group with 170,000 members

08:00 – Segmentation of the group

10:24 – Engagement in large groups

11:18 – Bigger Pockets vs a Facebook real estate investment group

13:23 – Aspirations

15:02 – Capital source

16:56 – How to join Real Estate Investor Group

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliancastle/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliancastleofficial