021: Action Plus Action Equals Massive Action

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
021: Action Plus Action Equals Massive Action

Mike Fitzgerald shares his story of wild success in real estate investing with me. Mike is my business partner in The Dream Fund project (there will be more on that some other time.) He tells me about the early years of his real estate career. We also talk about his successes and his missteps. Not every deal is a home run and Mike has a lemons to lemonade story that will encourage and inspire you.

Mike is also one of the main champions of re-gentrifying the downtown Hagerstown, MD area. He and his company were recognized by the city and Congress for their efforts. He explains how he took a run-down, vice-ridden property, and created a draw for the downtown community. It is impressive and proof that with a little commitment, big things are possible.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:22 — Welcome Mike Fitzgerald to the show!

00:45 — Mike’s military service.

01:45 — How Mike got into real estate.

03:55 — His first deal.

05:16 — How Mike’s career has evolved.

06:50 — The lessons he took from the early 2000s recession.

07:42 — How Mike stumbled into farm life.

09:10 — How he turned the farm into an Airbnb and how it serves the local community.

10:38 — A funny story revolving around a deal, and how it was connected to all the other deals.

13:14 — Action + Action = Massive Action.

14:20 — Mike’s best deal ever.

15:00 — The importance of building relationships.

16:13 — How Mike got his best deal.

16:53 — Other projects and deals Mike is an investor.

17:12 — Mike’s background and main motivators.

19:26 — How Mike received his high recognition with the city.

26:07 — The lessons from Mike’s story.

27:27 — Mike’s new goals.

29:26 — The beginnings of The Dream Fund (briefly.)

31:00 — Where to find Mike on Instagram.

31:22 — More contact information for Mike.

32:05 — Mike’s final thoughts for the audience.

32:45 — Thanks to Mike for joining us.

32:59 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


Mike Fitzgerald on Instagram

Mike’s website

Gideon Properties

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