126: Why are Manufactured Homes Superior? – Glenn Stromberg

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
126: Why are Manufactured Homes Superior? - Glenn Stromberg

Glenn manages a fund with a niche he likes to call ‘the best-kept secret in real estate. As opposed to traditional homes, manufactured homes are built in an assembly line in one location and then delivered to another location and installed. The homes then gain value over time. You won’t believe the returns they are getting and they’ve been at it since 2006.  This has every feel of a niche that is made for income investors to prosper. Glenn “G-Pop” Stromberg dives in with Big Mike in what has made this so successful. They share market insights, refinancing perspectives and in typical Big Mike fashion, he breaks down the numbers for your viewing pleasure! High-level stuff, as usual. Watch it now!


01:14 Big Mike and Little Glen aka “G-Pop” 
01:59 The best kept secret niche in real estate
03:56 Manufactured homes vs regular homes 
06:33 Does economy scale for manufactured homes
08:38 Numbers and rent price examples
11:19 Two investment opportunities
12:14 Inflation is here to stay
14:43 Turnkey model for investors
16:45 The post-COVID supply chain
18:26 Is it possible to get financing?
20:00 What about portfolio lenders?
21:20 Important mathematics behind leveraging  
25:18 Budget your capital expense repairs
26:25 Refi until you die
27:27 Why sell properties?
30:44 Net rate of return not gross
31:40 Sell your soul to depreciation
34:14 Superior to traditional turnkey products

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