199: Unlocking Real Estate Finance and Strategic Opportunities with Paul David Thompson

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
199: Unlocking Real Estate Finance and Strategic Opportunities with Paul David Thompson

Welcome to another episode with our guest Paul David Thompson. Paul is a Full-Time Real Estate Investor, top-selling author, coach, and someone who lends money for real estate projects. He helps both new and experienced investors understand how to make deals in real estate. But his bigger mission is to help people who want to escape boring jobs and find success in their own businesses.

Back in 2015, Paul decided he didn’t want to work in a big company anymore. He switched to real estate and quickly learned how to do well. Over five years, he became an expert at buying houses to rent out and making money while he slept. In a year and a half, he locked in 20 deals. Today, he teaches others how to find good deals, start businesses, and get money for their projects. 

Paul is also the friendly voice behind the My Freedom Foundry Podcast, Ready Investor One podcast where he shares tips and tricks for people who want to break free from regular jobs. Paul’s goal is to help 1,000 people quit their day jobs and earn six figures using his clever Freedom Foundry plan. In addition, he is the visionary force driving PDT Coaching and Consulting.

In this episode, Paul discusses his fund One Call Capital and the mastermind he leads. He goes over the types of loans he provides and their rates. Paul also covers the interest rates for loans related to land. He talks about raising capital and interesting opportunities during a slow period. Additionally, he talks about seller financing and compares the option of a high price with great financing to a low price with high interest rates.

Don’t miss out on this episode as Paul delves into the world of real estate finance. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just curious about making smart financial choices, Paul’s wisdom is a must-listen. Join us for an eye-opening discussion that could transform your approach to investments and financing. Tune in now and empower your financial journey!


00:23 – Guest Intro: Paul Thompson

02:07 – One Call Capital and Paul’s mastermind

03:34 – Kinds of loans and rates

06:02 – Interest rates for loans on land

07:47 – A mastermind for real estate investors

12:44 – Raising capital

15:53 – Other ways to raise capital and interesting opportunities in a slow environment

20:29 – High price with great financing vs Low price with high interest rates

26:32 – Outro

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