209: Tech to Real Estate: Investing Phases, Finding Opportunities & Avoiding Risks With Spencer Hilligoss

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209: Tech to Real Estate: Investing Phases, Finding Opportunities & Avoiding Risks With Spencer Hilligoss

Welcome to another episode featuring Spencer Hilligoss, CEO and Co-Founder of Madison Investing. A syndicator, investor, and speaker, Spencer currently leads business development and investor relations for Madison Investing.

With a 13-year career as a former technology executive, Spencer has a track record of building teams across five companies, including three software “unicorns” valued at over $1B. His Silicon Valley experience includes developing the Origination Team for LendingHome and leading their Professional Development group.

In this episode, Spencer shares his perspective on real estate investment, breaking it down into three phases. From the inherent risks and opportunities in real estate to the challenges of sourcing deals. Dive into his analysis of investing in multifamily and self-storage markets, gaining insights into navigating these sectors. Spencer also sheds light on investing in distressed assets, offering a roadmap for success in a nuanced market.

Beyond the numbers and strategies, Spencer shares his journey from high-tech to the dynamic landscape of real estate. Discover the pivotal moments that shaped Spencer’s trajectory and led him to become a figure in the real estate investment sphere.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking insights or a newcomer navigating real estate complexities, this episode promises knowledge. Tune in now as Spencer Hilligoss shares his expertise, providing a roadmap for success in the world of real estate investing!

00:23 – Guest Intro: Spencer Hilligoss
01:18 – Spencer Hilligus: Real Estate Investor & Syndicator
05:00 – Investing in three phases
10:00 – Investing in Real Estate: Risks and Opportunities
15:01 – Difficulties in finding real estate deals
20:01 – Investing in multifamily and self-storage markets
25:02 – Investing in distressed assets
30:01 – Spencer’s journey from high-tech to real estate

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Website: https://www.madisoninvesting.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shilligoss/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spencer_hilligoss/