087: Is Multifamily Property Worth Investing In? With Javier Hinojo Jr.

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
087: Is Multifamily Property Worth Investing In? With Javier Hinojo Jr.

Join us today with guest Javier Hinojo Jr. as he talks about how to venture into Multifamily Properties. He is the owner of IQ REI, a family-controlled real estate company that buys, manages, repairs, and sells homes in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC area, He is also a Hall Of Fame Inductee Rich Dad(Poor Dad) Elite Legacy Education Real Estate Investing.

In this episode, Javier will discuss his experience in the real estate industry. Learn more about his journey because has a lot of great information to share with us!


  • How Javier Transitioned from Single Property to Multifamily property investing 
  • What are the opportunities and how to determine the best projects to invest on
  • Understanding the basis of having a successful project
  • Find out the challenges he experienced in property investing 
  • Ways to find a property that’s worth investing
  • Strategies in building marketing funnel.


“Yes, it is a challenge to transition. I believe in trying do everything on your own. It’s a team sport here, It’s a team business connect partner with people who’ve done it before.” – Javier Hinojo Jr.

“You know, they walk into the Minefield. So why not walk behind them learn it observe it too.” – Javier Hinojo Jr.


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