182: Transforming Lives through Real Estate Investing: Insights from Seasoned Investor Jim Sheils

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182: Transforming Lives through Real Estate Investing: Insights from Seasoned Investor Jim Sheils

Introducing our guest for today’s episode, Jim Sheils — a seasoned real estate investor with over two decades of experience in the industry. Having completed more than 2,000 acquisitions and rehabs, Jim has built a successful career in real estate investing, focusing on passive income and capital raising.

Starting in Bakersfield, California, Jim later moved to Florida to capitalize on the region’s long-term growth patterns. His company, Jax Wealth Investments, focused on bulk foreclosure acquisitions after the 2008 crisis, and later partnered with other seasoned investors in the game to specialize in the emerging “Build To Rent” model.

With his expertise in sales and marketing, Jim has helped his clients achieve financial freedom through passive income real estate investments. He firmly believes in the transformative power of real estate investing and intends to continue scaling up his operations.

Tune in to hear Jim’s insights on how real estate investing can change your life, why Florida is a recession-proof market, and how inflation can work in favor of real estate investors.


00:23 Live at the Best Ever Conference with Steve Harris

01:33 – Investors Are Looking for Educational Contents

03:29 – What Happened to 70’s and 80’s Rents

04:31 – When’s a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate?

08:24 – Short-Term Bridge Loans

11:21 – Distressed Assets Creating Opportunities

13:35 – Converting Commercial Buildings into Rentals and Multifamily
17:50 – Jimmy Sheils is Here!

19:08 – Recession Is Unlikely in Florida

23:32 – You Are Married to the Property

28:07 – Inflation Is Your Friend

30:15 – Closing

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Website: https://southernimpressionhomes.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimsheils/