003: The Benefits of Rent-To-Own Contracts

Real Estate Investments
Real Estate Investments
003: The Benefits of Rent-To-Own Contracts

I welcome Joe Lieber to the podcast. Joe is a Cleveland based real estate investor who specializes in rental properties. Joe is a member of my mastermind group called Collective Genius and has really made a name for himself in the industry.

We discuss the exciting economic boom happening in Cleveland right now. This revitalization is very evident all over the city, including the housing market. Joe works with both traditional rental agreements and rent-to-own arrangements. Today he lets me know about the benefits of rent-to-own contracts and why he feels he is contributing to the American Dream.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:23 — Welcome Joe Lieber.

01:00 — Why Cleveland has become a real estate hot spot.

04:06 — The types of properties Joe specializes in.

07:42 — Joe’s secret to building a  great portfolio.

10:37 — Real estate’s power to produce cash flow.

12:00 — Why Cleveland has seen a revitalization recently… possibly, LeBron James?

13:00 — Financing a rent-to-own home with traditional methods.

14:49 — Financing a rent-to-own home with an Owner finance. How Joe does it.

18:05 — The possibilities Joe has with these finance options.

19:03 — The upcoming interest rates increase.

19:50 — Rent-to-own is really just homeowner training.

22:46 — Joe’s typical rental agreement.

23:42 — How many tenants actually buy the home?

25:10 — The benefits of rent-to-own for landlords.

25:33 — The benefits of rent-to-own for tenants.

26:52 — Joe’s view on the current market.

27:42 — How to reach Joe.

28:33 — Thank you to Joe for joining the podcast.

29:19 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


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