109: The Perfect Pitch: Leveraging the Values of Emotion with Ryan Pineda

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
109: The Perfect Pitch: Leveraging the Values of Emotion with Ryan Pineda

The main goal is to ADD VALUE. As a former professional baseball player, Ryan brings with him a competitive edge. Or rather, that hunger to always be better. He understood right away the value of setting their fund apart: doing things no one else does. A lot of that involved a genuine appeal to people’s emotions. From investors to emotional paychecks to social media, Ryan can put together quite a pitch for his fund.

Join us in this episode and listen to Ryan swing for it and give us a home run.


00:57 – Master Life-Balancer

02:07 – Being a new fund manager

04:39 – First project and working with Tim Bratz

06:28 – Networking with the right operators

10:48 – Raising Capital with investors

12:34 – Social Media and building excitement for deals

15:55 – The big picture: What’s in it for me?

18:24 – Good paychecks and emotional paychecks

21:32 – Adding the community value in our fund

26:15 – Communicating with investors

31:15 – Ryan’s Baseball Career 

We hope you enjoyed this episode’s guest and topic as much as we did! To learn more about real estate, from the technical to emotional, to getting your feet on the ground and learning management, check out our website. www.tempofunding.com.



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