155: The Right CFO for High-Net-Worth Families with Ryan Parson

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155: The Right CFO for High-Net-Worth Families with Ryan Parson

Ryan Parson is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Sunlight Peaks. A renowned nationwide speaker and wealth strategist on alternative investing and portfolio management, Ryan has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services, insurance, and real estate industries. His unique expertise comes from an in-depth knowledge of both the traditional financial services market and alternative investments, as well as his rich history of activity in various sectors including real estate, health care, and energy.

Frustrated with traditional investments and realizing investors had very few options for private alternative deal flow or even opportunities to diversify into other sectors, Ryan began putting his own deals together. To share his offering with other like-minded, high net worth investors, Ryan combined his experience as a teacher, speaker, and financial leader to create Sunlight Peaks. They provide clients with the tools to organize their wealth, wealth planning services, access to desirable, off-market deals not available to the public, as well as exposure to industry experts well-versed in the alternative investment space and advanced financial educational topics.

Ryan speaks nationally about private and institutional capital deployment techniques, investment analysis, portfolio management, and advanced financial planning strategies. In 2019, Ryan authored “Your Money CEO: Finding Financial Confidence in Today’s Chaos.” Listen in and learn about who to trust with hard earned wealth!  


00:23 – Guest Intro: Ryan Parson

01:53 – Helping high net worth folks find the freedom to live their life

06:37 – Defending the Do-It-Yourself family and investor

09:57 – A disappointing experience

16:05 – Understanding both the big picture and the details

19:56 – Time freedom is the essence of lifestyle

22:50 – Traditional avatar and how much does it cost?

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Website: https://www.sunlightpeaks.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanparson/

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