111: Real Estate Predictability with Jeremy Roll – Part 1

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
111: Real Estate Predictability with Jeremy Roll - Part 1

Jeremy Roll, president of Roll Investment Group, discusses the importance of certain real estate strategies, including the ability to evaluate deals carefully, making ‘predictions’ based on data, and most importantly, working with the right people.

This discussion was so insightful that it will require a part two! Be sure to tune in!


00:59 – Jeremy’s background and real estate journey

04:06 – WHERE have you been investing?

08:42 – “Measure seven times, cut once”

09:41 – Benefits of a diversified portfolio

10:48 – You bet on people rather than assets

14:32 – Characteristics of a good deal

20:12 – Where can great assets be found?

We hope you enjoyed this episode’s guest and topic as much as we did! To learn more about real estate, from the technical to emotional, to getting your feet on the ground and learning management, check out our website. www.tempofunding.com.



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