127: Self-Directed IRAs: Best Practices with Carl Fischer

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
127: Self-Directed IRAs: Best Practices with Carl Fischer

Self-directed IRAs are becoming more popular due to the freedom and control they offer investors. But how do you find the one that will serve you best and what should you avoid? Carl Fischer, the founder of CamaPlan, a national self-directed IRA company, discusses these topics with Big Mike. His expertise in real estate, tax rules and regulations, traditional and non-traditional asset classes, and legal documentation make him a highly respected resource in the industry. Be sure to tune in!


00:56 – Carl’s ‘cool’ background
03:50 – Camaplan and self-directed IRAs
08:16 – The importance of security
10:10 – Relationships and education are KEY investments
13:38 – Due diligence is always necessary
18:11 – Tempo Growth Fund 2
20:54 – Tax and Law Changes: What Do They Mean for Investors?

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