205: Navigating Real Estate Challenges: Insights with Mikhail Pritsker

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205: Navigating Real Estate Challenges: Insights with Mikhail Pritsker

In this episode, we feature Mikhail Pritsker, a Senior Executive with 23 years of experience in Real Estate, Business Development, and portfolio management. Mikhail’s expertise covers various real estate sectors, including industrial, multi-family, retail property asset, and portfolio management. He specializes in marketing, customer strategies, and brand management, which drive sales growth and customer loyalty, both locally and internationally. He excels at expanding networks, connecting with local and international investors interested in Real Estate.

During this episode, Mikhail discusses Real Estate Investing Strategies, Property Management, Construction Projects, Refinancing challenges in the Current Market, strategies to mitigate potential recession impacts, and navigating an Economic climate marked by high inflation and volatility.

Whether you’re an experienced real estate professional or new to the industry, this episode offers valuable insights to help you succeed in the ever-changing real estate landscape. Tune in now to gain a competitive edge in the market!


00:23 – Guest Intro: Mikhail Pritsker

03:47 – Real Estate Investing Strategies with Mikhail Pritsker

05:00 – Pressure on Property Management & Construction Projects

10:00 – Struggling to Refinance in the Current Market

15:00 – Mitigating a potential recession

20:00 – Economic climate of high inflation and volatility

28:49 – Closing

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