118: The Five Fundamental Principles of Financial Planning with Curtis May

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
118: The Five Fundamental Principles of Financial Planning with Curtis May

Curtis May loves numbers, perhaps as much as he loves scoring. Fortunately, ‘going pro’ on the latter quickly dissipated from his goals, because otherwise, we will not have seen Curtis become the wealth management expert that he is today. Not shying away, Curtis continues to make multiple points, financial this time, evident in his FOUR objectives of Financial Planning, FIVE areas of maximum efficiency, and the FOUR things banks want from you. He just loves racking up those numbers. Curtis believes in the fundamentals and he’s come up with FIVE major principles in creating your financial plan. It all comes down to how the value is created and how you influence that value. These are financial foundations that everyone should learn. Luckily, we have ‘the Contrarian’ himself educating us on this and setting you up in financial planning on your way to financial freedom.


01:07 Becoming a financial educator 
04:31 98% of college athletes go pro elsewhere
05:01 Another anti-wall street financial advisor 
05:14 Financial planning is NOT investing
05:51 Principle-based financial planning
06:50 Principle #1: Save 15% or more
07:15 Principle #2: Maximum Protection
08:05 Principle #3: Full replacement of assets at debt
09:11 Principle #4: 6-12 months of Liquidity
10:11 Principle #5: Velocity method vs accumulation theory
12:39 Velocity: Focus on assets that produce cash flow
15:27 Be the CEO of your own money
19:00 The four objectives financial planning
19:00 The first objective: Build maximum wealth
19:22 Second objective: Live your legacy 
20:05 Third: Transfer family wealth in charity
20:22 Fourth: The plan must work in all circumstances
21:00 Maximum efficiency = Maximum wealth
21:28 Five areas of maximum efficiency
26:56 Four things gov’t financial institutions want from you
28:35 Do what the banks do, not what they tell you to do
32:57 – What are the right principles that work for you
33:38 Investing to become something VS speculative FOMO
34:59 Principles of certainty & the three rules of investing
21:28 Five areas of maximum efficiency
36:32 Curtis May, the Contrarian to old financial practices
36:59 Four investment quadrants and Benjamin Grant
39:00 Understand how you influence and create value

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