200: The Triple D Mindset and Private Placement Investing Best Practices with Marc Halpern

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
200: The Triple D Mindset and Private Placement Investing Best Practices with Marc Halpern

Step into a new episode with our featured guest, Marc Halpern. Marc, a seasoned private investor, has immersed himself in a diverse array of private placement memorandums, including 506 offerings, all while bringing his keen analytical mind to the forefront. With a PhD in organic chemistry, his approach to due diligence is nothing short of exceptional.

Transitioning seamlessly from the realm of chemistry to the intricate landscape of investments, Marc’s diligence and analytical prowess shine through. Dissatisfied with the hype propagated by many in the real estate space, he founded Part Time Investors LLC, a platform rooted in delivering invaluable technical insights free from embellishment. Every strategy dissected, every blog post, carries a balanced view of pros and cons, a testament to his meticulous approach.

In this captivating episode, Marc Halpern unravels his Triple D Mindset—Deep Due Diligence—a cornerstone for minimizing risks in investment. He delves into the pivotal role of due diligence, unraveling its significance in every investment decision. Private placement investing best practices, risk mitigation techniques, and the invaluable Part Time Investor Alliance all find a place in this enriching conversation.

Lean in as Marc Halpern not only shares insights but transforms the way we perceive due diligence, offering a masterclass in meticulous investment. His contributions to the investor community have sparked a paradigm shift. Tune in now for a profound discussion that could redefine your investment journey!


00:23 – Guest Intro: Marc Halpern

04:25 – The Triple D Mindset for Risk Minimization

04:58 – Deep Due Diligence

09:59 – The importance of due diligence in investing

14:58 – Private Placement Investing Best Practices and Risk Management

19:54 – Benefits of the Part Time Investor Alliance

29:55 – Marc’s Contributions to the Investor Community

34:56 – Outro

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Website: https://www.parttimeinvestorsllc.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marchalpernptcexpert/