151: Inflation, Inflation, Inflation with Mike Zlotnik

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
151: Inflation, Inflation, Inflation with Mike Zlotnik

Our host, Mike Zlotnik is the CEO of TF Management Group, LLC which runs four real estate investment funds. He has been a debt and equity investor in real estate since 2000. After a successful 15-year career in IT, he pivoted to real estate investing because of his passion for real estate and its predictability of outcome and risks.

In today’s episode, Mike sheds some light on the topic of inflation, especially in the context of real estate. He shares details about where we are in this cycle and with a potential recession looming over the horizon, Mike discusses some of the best opportunities in a stagflation environment. Check out this episode to get the full scoop!


00:23 – Episode overview

00:46 – Disclaimer

01:19 – We are in a bear stock market

02:12 – The inflation rate

04:30 – Possible projections

08:15 – Has inflation peaked?

13:12 – Rising interest rates and the impact on various types of real estate

15:14 – The affordability index

16:07 – Commercial real estate works a little different

18:22 – Cap rates and why they’re not rising yet

21:07 – Something interesting happens with the ten-year treasury

23:20 – Recession is already here, most likely

25:52 – This may be a strange recession

28:37 – Best opportunities in a stagflation environment

32:59 – Tempo family of diversified funds

If you found this episode substantial and want to dig deeper into real estate, or maybe you want to discover better investment opportunities, be sure to check out www.tempofunding.com.

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