179: Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment Fund Creation with Matthew Burk

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179: Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment Fund Creation with Matthew Burk

In this segment, we speak with Matt Burk, CEO of Fairway America and The VeryVest LLC, about the launch of their new tool, Fund Builder.

Matt explains that the tool automates the process of creating pooled investment funds, offering advice and guidance on all aspects of running a real estate-based investment fund. He notes that, historically, people have turned to lawyers to set up funds, but their advisory service offers greater value as it brings advice on all aspects of fund management, including legal, accounting, origination, acquisitions, asset management, capital raising, and investor relations. The administration business of Fairway America came after the advisory business.

Fund Builder is designed to streamline the process of setting up investment funds, making it less expensive, less time-consuming, and more accessible. Burk mentions that their advisory component is still in place, but Fund Builder automates the process and makes it quicker.


00:56 – What’s New and Exciting in the World of Matt Burk?
05:50 – Pooled Investment
11:34 – Bridge Debt
18:07 – Flight to Safety
21:44 – Opportunities for Fresh Money Intuitively Speaking as More Deals Hit Trouble
28:26 – Conservative Underwriting
30:56 – Cash Is King
32:05 – Connect with Matt

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Website Fairway: https://fairwayamerica.com/
Website Verivest: https://verivest.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mwb/