134: Productivity Benefits of the 30-Minute Hour with Blaine Oelkers

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
134: Productivity Benefits of the 30-Minute Hour with Blaine Oelkers

The third time’s the charm. The unique title of Chief Results Officer means they get things done, and three-peter guest Blaine Oelkers is all about that. But how does he do it? There simply isn’t enough time in the day. The 30-minute hour is a unique productivity hack that Blaine shares in this episode. It’s all about utilizing the PDF acronym; plan, delegate, and focus. While the process may seem obvious, there are deeper nuances behind the most productive day of the year. Find out in the episode what that day is and how to best utilize them. Better yet, how can we multiply these days? Time is such a valuable asset. Once used up, you can never get it back and you cannot put it in a bank. All the more important to budget it wisely. It can be said, that there is not a more important asset to manage. Learn to free up your time and fill it with the kind of life you love. Watch the episode now!


01:35 Family, health, and business of Blaine

04:17 Episode 40: Masterminds, Episode 120: Habits 

05:25 – Today’s episode: 30-minute hours

07:08 – What would you do with 2 extra hours?

09:56 What is your most productive day of the year?

13:12 The PDF Acronym: Plan, delegate, focus

16:19 Condense plan in 3 task types: Single, multi, batch

18:34 Delegate and ask for help; What’s vital here?

21:43 Rewards, saying NO, and removing distractions

23:46 Budget Time Better. Using timers and time blocks

25:29 Let the small, bad things happen. Focus on the vital.

28:53 Focus: Follow one course until successful

31:54 Multiplying the ‘day before vacation’ days

33:38 What would you do if you had 2 months to live?

36:13 http://selfluence.com/ – 30minutehour.com

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Website: http://selfluence.com/