188: Unlocking Real Estate Potential: Exploring AI with David Lecko of DealMachine

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188: <strong>Unlocking Real Estate Potential: Exploring AI with David Lecko of DealMachine</strong>

In this captivating episode, we have David Lecko, the visionary founder and CEO of DealMachine, joining us to explore the transformative world of artificial intelligence in real estate. As an expert in driving for dollars and follow-up processes, David shares his invaluable insights on how AI can enhance the knowledge and decision-making abilities of real estate investors.

David delves into the fascinating capabilities of AI, emphasizing that its purpose is to support ideas rather than replace human intuition in investment decisions. He discusses how AI can empower investors with a breadth of knowledge, enabling them to make informed choices and streamline their real estate ventures.

Throughout the episode, David highlights the innovative ways in which Deal Machine utilizes AI to revolutionize the follow-up process, providing real estate professionals with a cutting-edge solution. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how AI can propel your real estate endeavors to new heights, with David as your expert guide.


00:22 Guest Introduction & Background: David Lecko

03:10 – Buy, Rent, Renovate, Refinance, Repeat Strategy

05:33 – Use of AI in Real Estate

06:29 – Recursion in Your Prompting

15:26 – Live Trial on Commercial Properties

20:13 – Conclusion: Not a 100% Ready for Commercial Properties

22:38 – Traditional Analysis Combined With Whatever Intelligence You Can Gather

24:56 – Closing

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Website: https://www.dealmachine.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dlecko/