034: Investing in Self-Storage Facilities

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
034: Investing in Self-Storage Facilities

I welcome Fernando Angelucci of the Titan Wealth Group to the podcast. Titan Wealth is an investment firm that specializes in self-storage real estate. We discuss the state of the market currently and the inevitable slow down is coming.

Fernando explains why he prefers self-storage over other types of real estate. He has wonderful sources to support his viewpoint and is really knowledgeable about the market. Fernando shares how he and his team find his deals and why self-storage is filling up with competition.  If you have considered investing in self-storage, it’s probably best to hold off right now, but Fernando has some great insights that can help you when the market picks up again.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:22 — Welcome Fernando Angelucci to the show!

02:34 — Why Fernando prefers self-storage deals.

04:43 — The inevitable slow down of the market and what Fernando thinks about it.

05:30 — The opportunities that will come out of a market downturn.

07:55 — How more experienced investors can side-step the newcomers.

10:17 — The benefits of “vulture investing.”

12:52 — The fragmented market in the self-storage space.

17:17 — Why cap rates are compressing.

19:35 — The two strategies that Titan Wealth Group uses to find properties.

20:00 — The three exit strategies that work for the Titan Wealth Group.

23:40 — Why I prefer conversion deals over ground-up deals.

25:08 — Why a combination of strategies is the best approach.

28:10 — How to create a marketing approach that will beat REITs.

30:40 — Thank you to Fernando and his contact information.

31:42 — The upcoming deals involving that Titan Wealth Group.

32:00 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


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Fernando’s cell number — 630-408-8090

Titan Wealth Group website

Titan Wealth Group on Facebook

Titan Wealth Group on Twitter

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