Our diversified portfolio

hotels to multifamily conversion

Vivo Bloomington, Bloomington IN

Rentable Building Area 34,300 SF
TGF Investment
Planned Hold Period 24 Month
Target IRR 21.19%

Bigalow Residencies, Ogden, UT

Hotel to multifamily conversion
TOF Investment
Hold Period – 21 Month
Exit IRR = 73%

Winston Salem Apartments,
Winston-Salem, NC

Residence Inn Marriott Hotel to Multifamily conversion
TGF investment
Hold period = 13 Month
Exit IRR ~ 140%

Mesa Apartments,
Mesa AZ

Ramada Hotel to multifamily housing conversion
TOF Investment
Hold Period = 18 Month
Exit IRR = 73%

Value Add multifamily

Highland Midtown Little Rock, AR

165 Unit Apartment Complex
Planned Hold Period = 4 years
Status – Performing

Reverbend Apartments, Indianapolis, IN

996 Unit Apartment Complex
TGF Investment
Planned Hold Period = 5 years

Value Add Retail

Shoppes at Hawk Ridge
Lake Saint Louis, MO

Value-Ad Retail center
TOF investment
Hold period = 2.5 years
IRR =18.10%

Alafaya Commons, Orlando, FL

Stabilized Retail with strong cash-flow, and some value-add
TOF Investment
Planned Hold Period = 5 years
Status – Outperforming
Funded – June 2018

Value Add SElf Storage

Southgate Self Storage, MI 48195

TOF investment
Rentable Area = 108,979 Sq. Ft
Hold period = 5 years
Target IRR =18.10%

Richmond Heights Self Storage, OH 44143

TOF investment
Rentable Area = 87,475 Sq. Ft.
Hold period = 5 years
Target IRR = 31.3%

Investment in business notes

Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn NY

1st-lien non-performing commercial loan (NPL) on a new construction mixed-use development
TOF investment
Hold period = 18 days
IRR = 123%

Taipei Court, Flushing, NY

Non-performing loan on new construction of Multifamily complex (27 two-family contiguous townhouses)
TOF Investment
Hold Period = 4 Month
IRR = 22%