112: Going Where the Money is with Jay Conner

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
112: Going Where the Money is with Jay Conner

Jay started his first real estate investment way back in 2003. At the turn of every decade, Jay remained resilient and established himself as a reputable authority in real estate private lending. His rich experience gifted him a nose for sniffing out golden opportunities, having rehabbed up to 450 houses. Even better, he also developed the ‘golden touch’ in creating unlimited potentials in private money. Like in his new book, where he directs you exactly where the money is. And believe me, he’s been around the game long enough to know.

Listen to the episode and find out why Jay is the Authority in Private Money!


01:53 Jay’s Journey

04:27 The most dangerous number

06:22 Where to get the money now

09:03 The three types of private lenders

11:20 Private lender data feed

15:35 Raising capital

17:55 Offering value to organizations

19:57 How do I start?

22:09 Private Money Academy Conference

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