154: Grow Your Business Without Sacrificing Family and Personal Life – Daniel Marcos

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
154: Grow Your Business Without Sacrificing Family and Personal Life - Daniel Marcos

With growth comes growing pains but today’s guest, Daniel Marcos, says there’s a better way to scale your business, reduce the drama of the operation, and maintain a personal life. Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Growth Institute, a CEO coach for over two decades, and a keynote speaker on scaling businesses. He is a member of YPO and EO, serves as the Ambassador of Singularity University in Austin, and the CEO of ExO Education in partnership with Salim Ismail.

In 2012, Daniel and Verne Harnish partnered on this mission and co-founded Growth Institute, a leading online executive education company for C-level executives at fast growing firms.

What was once reserved for a small niche of wealthy companies is now available to all CEOs and their executive teams, effectively democratizing business education and shortening the gaps in professional development. So be sure to catch this episode. Tune in to learn more about how to scale without the drama while enjoying a balanced lifestyle!


00:23 – Guest Intro: Daniel Marcos

00:54 – A little bit about Daniel

02:21 – Growing without sacrificing family and personal life

06:04 – Examples of problems solved

11:18 – The four stages of company growth

18:00 – Financing the jump from stage two to three

22:34 – How to value a company

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Website: https://www.growthinstitute.com/ | http://www.danielmarcos.co/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielmarcos/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.marcos

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