082: The Benefits Of Being A Passive Investor In Real Estate Investing (LP & GP) With Travis Watts

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082: The Benefits Of Being A Passive Investor In Real Estate Investing (LP & GP) With Travis Watts

Travis Watts is the Director of Investor Relations at the Ashcroft Capital. He has been investing in real estate since 2009 in multi-family, single-family, and vacation rentals. Travis began investing with Ashcroft Capital several years ago and has taken part in more than 30% of the Ashcroft opportunities. After experiencing above-average communication, reporting, deal volume, and performance, Travis expressed interest in joining the Ashcroft Investor Relations Team. 

Relax and listen to this informative Podcast episode that tackles topics that are related in Real Estate Investing that you might use and share. PLUS  some expert advice on how to START and GROW in this business. WATCH TIL THE END!


  • Passive Investor: What are the Process and How to Pick a Deal.
  • Multifamily Classes and the Significance of Finding the BEST Criteria that Fits you.
  • The Conversion Rate of Cash Flow Before and After the Pandemic Hits.
  • Talking about Quality Deal Flows this 2021.
  • The Multifamily Investment Sector is Progressing.
  • Biden’s Proposal about Tax Plans Effects in Real Estate.
  • Travis shares his thoughts about what will happen this year.


“Just self educate, this investing stuff is a life skill” – Travis Watts





Travis Watts YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCYnr_mB0XK2dWNX12sNs5MaGicSqHofV