122: The Kings of Buying and Selling Land – Paul and Willie

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
122: The Kings of Buying and Selling Land – Paul and Willie

Paul and Willie have hit a great target niche. In an industry that deals with lots and land, they are emerging as kings of buying and selling vacant lots. It may come as a surprise to many how unsaturated this corner of the real estate industry is. Perhaps due to the risk and seemingly lack of downside protection but this duo has figured it all out. From risk mitigation to venturing into a fast-growing cash business arm, Paul and Willie are scaling at an incredible rate. Find out why they think their operations are protected against a possible recession and why they’re tripling down on buying land. The confidence in which they deliver reflects how much they’ve mastered this niche. Very impressive. Don’t miss out. Watch the episode now!


01:29 Investing in vacant lots 
02:52 Growing with cash listings
03:38 How do they get discount lots?
04:32 Creating value on both sides
07:34 An inefficient market
09:13 Volume of 125 lots per month
11:17 What do people do with the land?
12:43 Recreation and investments
13:35 Selling to neighbors
15:55 Downside protection
17:55 Risk mitigation
19:42 Cash and liquidity protection
22:20 Successful cash flipping
23:13 The power of MLS
26:16 Marketing and traffic
27:07 Tax Auction
28:39 Tripling down on land 
30:20 Development just takes too long
32:12 discountlots.com

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