212: The Impact of Interest Rate Volatility on Real Estate with Jeremy Roll

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
212: The Impact of Interest Rate Volatility on Real Estate with Jeremy Roll

Welcome to another episode featuring Jeremy Roll, Founder and President of Roll Investment Group. An investor since 2002, transitioned to full-time passive cash flow investing in 2007. Managing a community of over 1,000 investors in more than 70 opportunities, totaling $1 billion in real estate and business assets, Jeremy offers insights into the economic intricacies of 2023-24.

In this episode, Jeremy delves into interest rate volatility, Federal Reserve inflation monitoring, and bond market signals. Explore the potential impacts of a recession on the US economy and real estate market. Understand the implications of interest rate increases on real estate and identify opportunities for conservative investors. Jeremy discusses the FED’s dual mandate, indicators of positive leverage, and the impact of a potential recession on equity raising.

Navigate real estate market challenges, prepare for market cycles, and discover survival strategies for recessions. Tune in now for a conversation that offers practical insights for navigating the complex terrain of real estate investment amid economic uncertainty!


00:23 – Guest Intro: Jeremy Roll

01:59 – Interest rate volatility in 2023-24

05:01 – The Federal Reserve’s Inflation Monitoring and Bond Market Signals

10:02 – US Economy: Impact of Recession

15:00 – Impact of Interest Rate Increases on Real Estate

20:00 – Mesda Opportunities for Conservative Investors

25:00 – FED’s dual mandate and the potential recession

30:01 – Indicators of positive leverage

35:00 – Impact of Recession on Equity Raising

40:01 – Real Estate Market Challenges

45:02 – Preparing for market cycles

50:01 – Strategies for surviving a recession

55:01 – Recession risks and bank flexibility

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Website:  http://rollinvestments.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremy-roll-655107/