059: Sales Techniques With John Martinez

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
059: Sales Techniques With John Martinez

Welcome to The Big Mike Fund Podcast. Today, I have my friend, John Martinez, from the Collective Genius Mastermind. He is an expert when it comes to training salespeople. That’s what we’re going to talk about today: sales techniques and what it takes to mold or train a successful salesperson. Even if you don’t classify yourself as a salesperson, the information that he shares in this episode can us used in other, related fields (like real estate agents, for example).


Minute Markers:

01:52 – A little bit about John

03:00 – John’s bread & butter training

06:00 – Seller motivation

08:15 – “Reframing of the whole question”

13:15 – Summary of the technique

15:40 – Problem-impacting picture-perfect questions

17:35 – The REI sales economy

19:35 – How does this information apply to agents?

21:50 – Midwest Rev

23:00 – Outbound calling and cold calling

26:37 – REI Sales Academy and Branding/Names

27:59 – Final thoughts

30:26 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast



“The question that the top acquisition agents or investors ask is not how much do you think your house is worth because then you run into that conversation you talked about.” – John Martinez

“[Salespeople] need to discover, through whatever questions, then you can ask why questions and get them to give the seller or house owner to start talking about their problems rather than what they want for the property.” – John Martinez

“Sales isn’t about pressuring anyone to do anything, sales is just about uncovering the reasons why someone would do something. The only way to get there is to remove the pressure, so people feel safe opening up and then asking questions.” – John Martinez

“If you can’t find the motivation, it’s a useless conversation, but once you find it and you explore it, stress the key points, that’s the path to success.” – Mike Zlotnik

“Is it free will or predeterminism? But if they’re already talking to you, if they’re spending the time, if you just help them a little bit to really see why, why they’re doing this and then the decision is just so much easier.” – Mike Zlotnik



Midwest Rev

REI Academy

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