056: State of Humanity and the Economy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
056: State of Humanity and the Economy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Today, I have the pleasure of talking with fellow mastermind, Cory Boatright. We talk about the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means to the health of the world and to the economy as a whole. 

Cory talks about some important practical things you can do with your company and your team whether they are in the office panicking or if they are working from home and panicking. We are in the midst of a storm but we can weather it together if we remember to be safe, be healthy, and take this seriously.

Minute Markers:

00:23 – Introduction 

01:10 – Cory on COVID-19 and the economy

05:51 – How do we lead in the midst of a storm

08:10 – Practical things you can do with your organization

13:58 – Summary of important key points

15:45 – Assets and opportunities

24:45 – COVID-19, a regular flu or worse?

30:00 – Shelter in place

32:09 – This is a humanity issue first

34:00 – Finishing on a positive note

35:41 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


“My mentor told me a long time ago that whenever you have a headache, it sucks for you, but fantastic for Tylenol.” – Cory Boatright

“You need to overcommunicate right now. If you think that talking to them one time a day is enough, it’s not. You need to overcommunicate with your folks.” – Cory Boatright

“It’s a humanity issue first. And it certainly affects our businesses and our pocketbooks and all these things. Do your part in using sanitizer and taking this seriously.” – Cory Boatright

“TV can be dangerous–the news can be dangerous–just to hear the bad news. At this point, we should all be thinking about what we can do to make a difference, to prepare. I like to call it ‘observing, analyzing, and preparing.” – Mike Zlotnik

“I agree that the only solution right now is this extreme ‘shelter in place’, very-very aggressive, on all fronts, all states, you know?” – Mike Zlotnik

“This is a time of unity too. We need to forgo all of our political differences, and stop political bickering and focus on the health of the nation and the health of the world.” – Mike Zlotnik


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