203: Cultivating a Success Mindset: Overcoming Fear, and Giving Back with Rod Khleif

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
203: Cultivating a Success Mindset: Overcoming Fear, and Giving Back with Rod Khleif

Welcome to another episode featuring our guest, Rod Khleif. Rod is an entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio. He’s a real estate investor, author, mentor, and a dedicated community philanthropist. His passion for business, life, success, and giving back shines through in everything he does.

As one of the country’s most accomplished real estate investors, Rod has personally owned and managed an astounding 2,000 properties. He is also the host of the highly regarded “The Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast,” which has garnered nearly 6 million downloads and Founder of the Lifetime Cash Flow Academy. Rod’s commitment to community philanthropy is commendable, evident in his founding and direction of The Tiny Hands Foundation, which has made a positive impact on over 65,000 children and families in need.

In this episode, Rod delves into a wealth of knowledge, discussing critical topics such as Taking Action and Setting Goals for Success. He provides invaluable insights into Managing Fear and Limiting Beliefs, shedding light on the importance of Staying Focused and Taking Action in your journey towards success. With his wealth of experience, Rod emphasizes the significance of Investing with Experience and Understanding, offering a unique perspective on real estate investments. Finally, he underscores the importance of giving back to the community, a philosophy that has been a cornerstone of his success.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting your journey, this episode promises to be a source of inspiration and knowledge. Join us as Rod Khleif shares his wisdom, providing valuable guidance for achieving success, setting goals, and giving back to the community. It’s an episode filled with profound insights and actionable advice you won’t want to miss!

00:23 – Guest Intro: Rod Khlief

02:50 – Taking Action and Setting Goals for Success

04:56 – Managing Fear and Limiting Beliefs

09:50 – Staying focused and taking action

14:58 – Investing with experience and understanding

19:54 – The importance of giving back

30:55 – Outro


Website: https://rodkhleif.com/?sl=igo

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rodkhleif/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbb357-0yQw0kdNelWKrSkA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rodkhleifofficial?sl=igo

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