167: How to Reduce Risk in a Rising Rates Environment with Matt Burk

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
167: How to Reduce Risk in a Rising Rates Environment with Matt Burk

Matthew Burk is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Fairway America and Verivest.  A seasoned real estate executive, Chief Investment Officer, and fund manager who started and managed eleven real estate asset based Reg D pooled investment funds over more than 30 years.  He authorized discretionary underwriter/approval for thousands of real estate asset based investments with total asset value in the billions, including pooled investment funds, real estate secured loans (newly originated and discounted acquisitions), syndications, participations, GP and LP equity interests, and more.

He’s also a fund expert of Real estate asset-based 506 Regulation D pooled investments. Matt played a  lead role in advising on the architecture and creation of hundreds of discretionary pooled funds for hundreds of sponsors/lenders/managers across multiple real estate strategies and asset types including debt, equity, GP co-invest, multifamily, office, industrial, retail, self-storage, hospitality, residential, construction, value-add, mortgage pools, distressed debt acquisition, tax lien certificates, SFR fix-n-flip, B2R, and more.

Author of “Capital Attraction: The Small Balance Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Essential Guide to Raising Capital”.

In today’s episode, Matt shares his expertise on the best ways to operate in a rising interest rate environment. How long he thinks it will last, how to make the best decisions in this environment, his thoughts from an investing perspective, looking at the worst case scenario, and how things might play out. Tune in now, inform yourself on becoming risk-free in uncertain times!


00:22 – Guest Intro: Matt Burk

01:57 – When does it end?

05:27 – Thoughts from an investing perspective

08:23 – What the team looks at today

15:09 – Nobody wants to look at the worst case scenario

20:13 – How do you see things playing out?

22:08 – Everything goes in cycles

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Website: https://fairwayamerica.com/



Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/mwb

Twitter: sbreguru

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