176: Upscaling Small Businesses with Uri Jaskiel

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
176: Upscaling Small Businesses with Uri Jaskiel

Are you a small business owner? Then this episode was made especially for you! Today, we have Uri Jaskiel of EOS Worldwide to expand our scope of knowledge pertaining to business growth and how you can better operate and scale up your business. He also emphasizes the importance of looking after the health of your business and creating systems for it – no matter how small. In this episode, he notes that EOS is not for everyone. It is specifically for Entrepreneurs who are growth-oriented, looking to evolve and develop the way they operate. Want to know if this could be for you? Tune in!


00:50 Uri Jaskiel’s Story 

02:03 – The EOS Implementer

05:42 – Gearing Up Your Small Business into A Larger Operation

06:15 – Separation of Businesses

10:15 – Creating a Leadership Team

13:16 – EOS Is for Growth-Oriented Entrepreneurs

15:20 – Motivated by Pain

16:16 – Two Important Points in Business

17:51 – How Does an EOS Actually Work?

19:49 – Six Key Components of the EOS Model

25:41 – Separation of Duties between Visionary and Integrator

27:37 – Closing

Thank you for joining us in another episode. We are committed to inviting more guests that give value to our real estate journey. Stay tuned for more episodes. To learn more, visit our website at www.tempofunding.com.