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Our firm specializes in providing a diverse selection of funds and syndications to match investors with their long-term financial goals. Our portfolio covers a wide range of real estate investments across the United States, including residential and commercial properties. With strategic alliances, a discerning investment approach, and a focus on value creation, we deliver exceptional results across multiple real estate segments.

Our principals have a proven track record, having funded over 1,000 real estate private loans since 2009. This extensive experience has allowed us to deploy over $100 million of equity capital into commercial real estate transactions, fueling growth and prosperity for our clients.

With a team of seasoned executives boasting over 50 years of collective real estate experience, we are actively engaged in various aspects of the real estate investment landscape and have worked through multiple market cycles. From private lending and development to acquisitions, construction, property management, and education, our breadth of expertise enables us to offer comprehensive insights and deliver exceptional value across the entire real estate investment spectrum. 

We have earned a reputation as a trusted partner, committed to excellence, professionalism, and industry expertise. Our strong partnerships with top-tier real estate entrepreneurs, sponsors, operators, and fund managers provide us with unparalleled advantages in investing in their upcoming deal flow. Our significant investment commitments empower us to negotiate exceptional terms for our funds, while our extensive network and institutional-level fund terms benefit high-net-worth investors.

Our investment portfolio encompasses diverse opportunities, multifamily value-add projects, self-storage development and conversions, repositioning shopping plazas, converting hotels into affordable housing, cash-flowing industrial projects and revitalizing underperforming assets. 

With diversification, professional third-party fund administration and auditing, transparency, and a white-glove service approach, our funds consistently deliver outstanding risk-adjusted returns. We strive to offer reliable and innovative real estate investment opportunities, ensuring the success and satisfaction of our investors.


Asset Management:

Our fundamental belief is that private capital is a long-term investment requiring rigorous screening, active due diligence, and thorough vetting followed by timely execution. Our investment process incorporates allocating capital, and portfolio management, with Tempo's real estate team actively involved in overseeing the asset management of each investment, while the developer/sponsor typically handles day-to-day operations. The team's responsibilities encompass:

  • Ensuring adherence to the partnership agreement terms by the developer/sponsor.
  • Reviewing project cost budgets, operating budgets, and partnership financials.
  • Monitoring construction plans, progress, and timelines.
  • Assessing the partnership's business plan and recommending improvements.
  • Conducting site visits.
  • Analyzing local market conditions.
  • Forecasting capital requirements and, if necessary, raising additional funds.
  • Assisting in negotiating new terms with lenders.
  • Reviewing the property marketing plan and suggesting enhancements.

This comprehensive asset management approach ensures that our investments are carefully monitored and optimized for long-term success.


Key Investor Benefits:

Key Investors Benefits
  1. Strong Track Record Of Consistent Returns: Our firm has a proven track record of delivering impressive, consistent returns for our investors, reflecting our expertise in identifying lucrative investment opportunities and optimizing returns.
  2. Intelligent Due Diligence And Underwriting: We employ a thorough due diligence and underwriting process, leveraging intelligent data analysis and comprehensive market research. This approach enables us to identify viable investment opportunities and mitigate potential risks, providing investors with a solid foundation for sound decision-making.
  3. Enhanced Portfolio Diversification: Our fund investment strategies prioritize portfolio diversification, allowing investors to spread their investments across various asset classes, geographies, and risk profiles. This diversification strategy helps to mitigate risk and optimize returns by reducing exposure to any single investment.
  4. Investment Strategies For Different Stages Of Life: We recognize that investment needs change throughout life. Our firm offers tailored investment strategies designed to meet investors' unique goals and risk tolerance at various life stages, whether in the wealth accumulation phase, approaching retirement, or seeking income generation.
  5. Self-Directed Ira Investing Suitability: Our investment opportunities are suitable for self-directed IRA investing, providing investors with the flexibility to align their real estate investments with their retirement planning objectives.
  6. Tailored Individual Syndication Deal Investing: We understand that each investor has unique risk/reward preferences. Therefore, we offer tailored individual deal investing, allowing investors to align their investment choices with their specific appetite for risk and reward. This personalized approach ensures that investors have control over their investment decisions and can optimize their portfolios accordingly.
  7. Transparency and Consistent Communication: We offer an Online Portal for easy access to documents, performance tracking, and timely updates. Investor Update Zoom Calls, Annual Meetings, and Monthly Town-Hall Meetings allow us to directly engage with investors, provide comprehensive updates, address questions, and foster collaboration. Quarterly Reports & Statements ensure regular communication of key financial data and investment updates. We strive to keep our investors well-informed, maintain transparency, and deliver a superior investor experience.
  8. Third-Party Fund Administration and Auditing: By partnering with a reputable third-party fund administrator, we ensure that our investors' interests are protected and their investments are handled with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. This independent oversight provides our investors with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that their funds are being diligently managed and administered by trusted and experienced professionals. The involvement of third-party fund administrators adds an extra layer of credibility and reliability to our investment offerings, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional service and upholding the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility.
  9. Relationship Balance: Total investments across all the funds receive upgraded preferred return class units for the combined total. For example, Husband and wife can invest separately into different funds and their combined balances would be totaled together to give them both upgraded classes in the qualified class unit.
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