About US

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What Do We Do?

We develop strong relationships with the best of class real estate entrepreneurs, sponsors, operators, and fund managers to invest in their upcoming deal-flow at the most favorable terms. We write significant checks and therefore, ask for outsized terms for our funds. On the capital rising side, we offer high net worth investors the benefit of our network, experience, and institutional level fund terms. Our funds deliver outstanding risk-adjusted returns to our investors with the benefit of diversification, professional fund administration, high transparency, and white-glove service.

We invest in Distressed and Discounted Commercial Debt, Multifamily Value-add projects, and Self-Storage development and conversions from Retail and Industrial use, repositioning of Shopping plazas, Hotels conversions to Affordable Housing, and other underperforming assets redevelopments into a more productive use. We also fund hard-money loans on various fix-n-flip projects.

Our Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Integrity (We do what we say
  • Taking Ownership
  • Teamwork
  • Good Communication

Our Strategy and Core focus

Our primary strategy is to invest in the Real Estate deals with the best “Risk Adjusted Return”. We underwrite potential deals for risk, downside protection, upside opportunity, market conditions and other factors to determine what is the most probable “risk adjusted ROI”.

We are all about the long-term relationships. We spend time and effort identifying the best of breed sponsors and operators in various asset classes. These relationships come through private networks, masterminds, as well as strong referrals. Once we establish the “know, like and trust” relationship, we then start looking at the upcoming deals from these folks that we choose to work with.

Finally, we negotiate better terms for our funds, by writing bigger checks, more checks, and helping the sponsors improve their projects today and in the future. We gravitate to more defensive investments, with well understood downside protection mechanism, more predictable outcomes, and asset classes that do well in both down and up markets.

Investment Quadrants methodology

Investment Objectives and Our Funds

We operate funds with various investment goals:

Tempo Growth Fund LLC (Growth fund)
Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC (Growth and Income fund)
TF Investment Fund II LLC (Income fund)

Here is a short overview of the Tempo Growth Fund LLC:

  • Fund target capital raise: $25,000,000
  • Manager: Tempo Growth Management LLC
  • Growth focused
  • Closed-ended
  • Target annualized ROI = 12-18%
  • Tax efficient
  • 5-7 years term
  • IRA Friendly
  • 8% Pref with 80/20 Class A ($1,000,000+), and 70/30 Class B ($250,000 – $999,999)
  • 12 months fundraising period (two extensions of 6 months each are allowed)

Here is a short overview of the Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC:

  • Fund Size: ~ $20,000,000 as of Jan 2020
  • Management: TF Management Group LLC
  • Growth & Income focused
  • Open-ended (ever-green)
  • Target annualized ROI = 10-13%
  • IRA Friendly
  • Areas of investment:
    • Hard Money Loans
    • Diversified portfolio of value-add and cash-flowing projects
  • 7% Pref with 80/20 Class A ($1,000,000+), and 70/30 Class B ($500,000 – 999,999), 60/40 Class C ($100,000 – 499,000)

Here is a short overview of the TF Investment Fund II LLC:

  • Management: TF Management Group LLC
  • Income focused
  • Open-ended (ever-green)
  • Target annualized ROI = 7-8%
  • IRA Friendly
  • Areas of investment: Hard Money Loans
  • 8% Pref with 50/50 split above that

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