050: Multifamily Motivation: Lawsuits and Lifestyle

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
050: Multifamily Motivation: Lawsuits and Lifestyle

Today I have the pleasure of talking with Cory Boatright, a marketer, negotiator, and member of Collective Genius Mastermind. Cory’s wisdom, experience, and friendship is greatly appreciated. 

Cory and I talk about the ups and downs in the world of investing, business, and entrepreneurship by maximizing your genius zone and strengths and teaming up with the right people. The multifamily space is not a one-man show. It takes a team to get a deal.  

Minute Markers:

01:00 – What’s new in the world of Cory on the personal side?

03:30 – What’s new in the world of Cory on the business side?

04:00 – Making more in the multifamily and commercial space through mastermind partnerships

06:54 – The key to finding deals is to find a distressed property or distressed seller

09:35 – Boots on the Ground: Is a good strategy to go local and befriend brokers?

13:15 – Understand the game by building a team with people who have done deals

15:09 – Multifamily Motivation: Lawsuits and lifestyle

16:49 – Property management company will make or break your asset

19:16 – Ignorant Money: Financing makes a difference with low interest rates, high sales price

22:27 – “You never want to over pay just to get the deal.”

24:35 – Million-dollar Difference: Price you agree on via LOI will likely change before closing

25:43 – How to value assets

26:33 – Increase Rents, Decrease Expenses: Two ways to make money in multifamily game

29:30 – Multifamily advantages include cash flow and minimal tax liabilities  

33:40 – Reaching out to Cory Boatright

36:40 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast



Cory Boatright, Website

Cory Boatright on Facebook

Cory Boatright on Instagram

Investing Capital Group

Apartment Evaluator

Collective Genius Mastermind

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