042: Big Mike Fund Podcast with Mike Zlotnik & Jay Conner.

My guest today is Jay Conner from Moorhead City, North Carolina. A big, kind shark in a small pond, he works in small-town real estate investments. Today we talk about raising “small money,  ‘mom-and-pop’ style money” for real estate deals.


0:30  — Introduce Jay Conner to the show

0:53 — Moorhead City, North Carolina

1:41 — Small city with private funds “Mom and pop money for real estate deals”

2:05 — Why “mom-and-pop money” is great for businesses who need investments

4:17 — Giving Jay Connor credit for his amazing accomplishment

5:11 — How do you go from $0.00 to $2 million in 90 days?

5:37 — Develop a program to offer people

6:18 — “Warm market”

6:57 — Jay’s program

8:34 — Why Jay’s program is perfect for “soft money” lenders

9:09 — How do you bridge the trust between you and a “soft money” lender?

9:40 — “Positioning”

12:15 — Focus on the program

13:46 — The bottom line answer

14:18 — How does a brand new real estate investor do this program?

15:20 — Recap of Jay’s answer

15:28 — One of the best ways-these days-to deliver a message and why

17:13 — The three types of partners

18:07 — How to break through on your warm leads

18:51 — How to host a successful private lender luncheon

19:15 — Who do you invite to a private lender luncheon

20:37 — How to have credibility at private luncheons

21:21 — The good ol’ traditional way to build investor trust in small towns

23:14 — Jay’s free online class

24:00 — Thank you, Jay!

24:16 — Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


Tempo Management Group LLC: https://tempofunding.com/

Jay’s Free Online Class: https://www.jayconner.com/training/wtgtmn-webinar-rev2/


“‘Mom-and-pop money is very favorable to you as a project sponsor, as an operator, as a fix-and-flipper, because it’s generally friendly. It’s soft money.” — Mike Zlotnick

“Recorded video in today’s day and age is one of the best ways to deliver a message.” — Mike Zlotnick

“What is it that is going to make them feel good about doing business [with you]?” — Jay Conner

“Education works better than trying to sell them.” — Mike Zlotnick

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