030: The Advantages of Alternative Investments

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
030: The Advantages of Alternative Investments

Ryan Parson is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Heritage Capital USA, Inc. and Mile Marker Club, as well as the Director of Investor Relations at Colonial Capital Management. He is also a renowned nationwide speaker on alternative investing and portfolio management.

Ryan grew up in a family rooted in real estate investment and in this episode he unwraps the advantages of alternative investments.

We learn about his non traditional way of thinking when investing as he leans into building your work around your life and not the other way around.  Ryan identifies a huge gap in a specific investor demographic that is looking for non traditional, more holistic options. While traditional advisor may find this impossible, Ryan and his company aim at fulfilling this need.

Ryan talks about the importance of knowing what is a great deal for you alone and Ryan mentions why real estate is such a popular investment vehicle. Tune in as he tackles taxation, shedding light on how important it is for you to be organized and be in control of the process.


00:00 — Intro

00:26 –Welcome Ryan Parson

00:58 –Ryan’s portfolio and overview

03:37 –When Ryan moved from the corporate world to alternative investing

04:57 –Where Ryan started investing

06:40 — Ryan’s passive income realization

08:14 — How do you build a plan for your clients? What do you do?

08:26 — Two critical components

08:58 — Ryan’s discovery of the chasm

09:39 — What Ryan and his company strive to to

09:50 — Ryan talks about traditional advisors

10:26 — The reason why traditional advisors do what they do

10:50 — What Ryan aims to do

12:33 — Life versus work, Ryan’s take

14:30 — How do you choose the right projects for your investors?

15:09 — Ryan uncovers how your relationship with money dictates your choices

15:28 — How Ryan helps his clients unfold a strategy

17:54 — Determining how much cash flow is needed

19:30 — How much time can you commit to be being an investor?

22:53 — Ryan’s basic strategies to minimize taxation and allow growth

23:46 — Looking at the deal behind the deal

26:42 — Private deals versus speculative deals

27:18 — Taxation

35:03 — How to reach Ryan

35:26 — Special offer for listeners

36:44 — Final thoughts





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