210: The Art and Science Behind Real Estate Negotiations with Tom Zeeb

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
210: The Art and Science Behind Real Estate Negotiations with Tom Zeeb

Welcome to another episode featuring Tom Zeeb, President of Traction REIA, Author, Speaker, Real Estate Entrepreneur, and Host of “The Art & Science of Real Estate Negotiation” Podcast.

As Traction REIA’s President, Tom collaborates with investors to build or rebuild businesses correctly, emphasizing the integration of personal goals and lifestyle for more financial security, time, and freedom.

In 2001, Tom found himself at rock bottom and a near-death experience while whitewater rafting pushed him to find a new way to break free of his 9-to-5 job and explore real estate investing. 

In this episode, Tom discusses negotiating real estate deals, providing insights on strategies, selling property skills, and essential negotiation techniques and tips. Whether you’re an experienced investor refining your approach or a newcomer seeking success, tune in as Tom Zeeb shares practical wisdom, offering a blueprint for financial freedom through real estate negotiation!


00:23 – Guest Intro: Tom Zeeb

02:10 – Negotiating Real Estate Deals with Tom Zeeb

05:00 – Negotiation Strategies

10:00 – Negotiation skills for selling property

15:01 – Negotiation techniques

20:00 – Negotiation tips from Tom Zeeb

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Website: https://tractionreia.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomaszeeb/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tomzeebtraction/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TomZeeb

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tomzeeb