130: To Yield or Not: The Current State of the Housing Market with Josh DeShong

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130: To Yield or Not: The Current State of the Housing Market with Josh DeShong

Josh has his hands deep on a new real estate venture that is just hitting the app stores. He talks about the new platform Trelly, their geographic expansion, and the market demand for wholesale today. Speaking of the demand, Josh shares his insight on the future and current state of the housing market, which can always be summarized as: “it’s always supply and demand.” With household incomes starting to go up and interest rates expected to rise, the yield could be impacted. Does it all come down to affordability? What does this mean to institutional investors? Is there an equilibrium with the retail crowd? Does this all spell out another housing crisis? Don’t miss this valuable insight. Watch the whole episode!


01:09 From investing, to flipping, to wholesale
02:31 The market agnostic platform of Trelly
05:12 Why Trelly VS Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
08:04 – Classifying all types of investors
09:45 Expanding into other geographic markets
10:41 Why is the platform free of charge?
14:06 What is going to happen next with prices
16:06 Is it a question of affordability?
17:23 Competition between institutions and retails
19:44 Yield, affordability, and interest rate increase
23:19 The housing market is more stable than before
26:12 https://www.trelly.com/ 

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Website: https://www.trelly.com/
Emails: josh@trelly.com