137: Why Virtual Family Office is the Future with Ryan Parson

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137: Why Virtual Family Office is the Future with Ryan Parson

This episode will change your view about how you approach wealth accumulation and preservation! Everyone dreams of being rich, and the desire for wealth is universal. But it’s challenging to stay on top once you’ve accumulated your wealth. Investors can sometimes struggle living their authentic life of significance as their wealth, family and lifestyles become more complex. Ryan Parson, a successful Personal CFO, and Wealth Strategist, created a concept called Virtual Family Office (VFO) that assists wealthy families to achieve all that is important to them given the economic, social and political environments today. Ryan works with successful individuals, entrepreneurs, and high net worth families to not only help them make smart decisions about their money but to most importantly, live their best life of significance. Come and join us on this astonishing episode!

1:19 – Concept of Virtual Family Office
5:15 – Wealth Strategy Hierarchy
5:33 – Investment Advisor
8:40 – Financial Advisor
9:38 – Wealth Manager
12:00 – Virtual Family Office
18:00 – How to get into Virtual Family Office
24:00 – How to reach out to our VFO Services

Thank you for joining us in another episode. We are committed to inviting more guests that give value to our real estate journey. Stay tuned for more episodes. To learn more, visit our website at www.tempofunding.com.


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