110: Raising our Freedom Index with Dr. David Phelps

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
110: Raising our Freedom Index with Dr. David Phelps

Today we are joined by the founder of Freedom Founder himself, Dr. David Phelps. A good friend and even better portfolio manager. David also provides valuable wisdom and insight into the five variables of what he calls the Freedom Index. He goes on how to raise this index in our lives as well. We go on to talk about building your portfolio with intention and taking a much more guided path in Real Estate.

There is much value in freedom and in this episode! Watch it now.


00:29 – David Phelps and the Freedom Founder

02:15 – Winning the Freedom Lottery

04:41 – The Five Freedom Index

05:52 – Raising your Freedom Index

07:38 – Making Real Estate Work for You

10:28 – Collaborating with the Right People

14:05 – Building your portfolio by intention

19:20 – Real estate as a community-guided path

20:41 – What is Leverage and using it against inflation

We hope you enjoyed this episode’s guest and topic as much as we did! To learn more about real estate, from the technical to emotional, to getting your feet on the ground and learning management, check out our website. www.tempofunding.com.